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Seminars, Workshops & Trainings

Bring the SDI Experience to your business, school or organization. We do workshops and seminars as well as trainings for employees and students. We can create any training to match your needs and concerns. Our Seminars consist of the 3 main principals of self-defense. Physical, Mental and psychological.

We specialize in domestic abuse seminars, Women's Empowerment workshops as well as teen awareness trainings.

We have a licensed councilor on staff to answer any clinical questions that any individuals may have.

Our business trainings can include any of the self-defense principals as well as situational an environmental awareness trainings. Make your employees a little more prepared in the wold of being safe.

This is a brief description of services we can offer to enhance your effectiveness in what you do.

For more information or to Book SDI call  (207) 991-1641 or by Email here on our site.

We will find a solution. We are here for YOU!