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SDI's Martial Fitness Program

SDI's Martial Fitness program is a complete, full-body workout. We use very little equipment and no machines. You are the machine. The exercises are not hard, but physically demanding. Please expect to be very sore the next day, but congratulations—it means you've done something worth doing. The longer you do it the less sore you will be and the stronger you will become. We guide you through all aspects of your transformation to a healthier you.

We work from the inside out. So throw away your scales, they are useless here. First you will have more energy, feel better and your mood will be lifted. Then you will become stronger, less winded and able to do more. Next you will need to buy better fitting clothes . Those are the steps, however it doesnt happen overnight. But it WILL happen. Here is how flexible the program is - you are competing primarily with yourself, challenging yourself in terms of your own goals and focusing on what you want to change, while listening to your own music.

Woman Doing Pushups

WE GET RESULTS. Motivation is the key. Fitness is physical as well as a psychological journey. You need to know that your trainer has your best interest in mind and will be there with you every step. Not all days will be your best but we will make sure that each day you do your best.

We are your personal trainers. Training is only you and us. There will be no one to watch you and no one to judge you. This is a Judgment-Free Zone. This is your time. The key to any result is you.

We will help you get that confidence back where it belongs—within you!