The Instructors


Travis, founder of Self-Defense Innovations, Inc. and SDI Security.  Through my life I have studied many forms of martial arts and have earned my share of black belts however as an adult I have realized that martial arts hasn't evolved enough to be an effective  system for real life violence. Being involved with martial arts  I have learned that ego is, indeed, your worst enemy. My knowledge doesn't stop at self defense. I have spent my adult life in the field of security in one form or another. I have been a security officer in Florida and Nevada before coming back to Maine to start a career in the mental health field.  have also spent years working in the psychiatric and mental health field, working for some of the largest psychiatric hospitals in Maine and Massachusetts. My main responsibility has been crisis intervention and security while creating a safe environment for patients and staff. While working in the psychiatric and mental health field, I've had the opportunity to study many individuals, their behaviors/actions and how they act in different situations. Good, bad or indifferent, the human mind dictates what the body does.

I have taken my experiences in security, psychiatry and mental health along with the martial arts and created a company dedicated to safety that has helped many individuals. What worked as self-defense 20 years ago may not work now. Society has changed and so should how we defend ourselves. Everything must evolve to stay relevant or be deemed ineffective. Self-defense is no different. Self-defense is Psychological, Mental and Physical.


Earle has worked 19 years in the mental health and psych field.  He started training under Travis's instructions for self defense & fitness over a decade ago, become more knowledgeable, sharpen his skills and perfect in his techniques. Now he would like to extend that offer to you. Remember you are your own limit.


Bill is a mental health professional with over 15 years of high-acuity direct service experience in hospitals, emergency departments, and the community.  Over the years, his primary responsibilities have been to ensure safety and promote confidence in his clients and coworkers. Bill has been training with Travis and Earle for five years. He has been able to develop more tools—mental, psychological, and physical—for maintaining safety than any employer, university, or dojo has ever given him.  Bill looks forward to inspiring others to forge these tools for themselves.


Breanna and Trinity are the daughters of Travis. They both have been training in self-defense,situational and environmental awareness for a while.  As they grow, so will their skills. They will be assisting in Kid/Teen trainings and workshops.

Every once in a while, you need to re-evaluate yourself and then decide that it is time to reinvent yourself into a safer, healthier you. We can help.