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Pricing and Memberships for our SHOP


Prices include a personal instructor and the entire facility to yourself. 
$50/HR single sessions

Monthly Memberships for Private Sessions  

1 month = 4 weeks

Silver Membership = 2 -1hr sessions per/wk for 4/wks = 8 sessions  $280

Gold Membership = 3 -1hr sessions per/wk for 4/wks = 12 sessions $360

Mini Fitness only Membership = 2 -.30 min sessions per/wk for 4/wks = 8 session $200

Training Partner Membership 2 -1hr sessions per/wk for 4/week = 8 sessions for you and a friend $300

------------ Classes ------------

Women's Reality Based Self-Defense & Empowerment class. $60/month

This class is held every Monday at 6-7:30pm @ Jeff's Catering in Brewer


The private session memberships are monthly and can be used for either our Martial Fitness or Reality Based Self-Defense programs. It is YOUR responsibility to use your sessions within this month(4 weeks) before your dues are up again if you choose to continue. We do not roll over unused sessions to the next month. Each month starts a new membership. We do this to encourage and motivate our clients to use all their sessions before they lose them.

When scheduling your personal sessions please make sure that you pick times that are good for you. We understand life hits hard sometimes and you may need to reschedule. We understand and will do our best to accommodate if we can. Please remember these are YOUR sessions and YOUR responsibility to use them. If you do not show up then you lose that session. Sorry No Refunds. Thank-You very much for your attention and understanding.

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