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Disclaimer: If you are looking for a ground and pound, just want to inflict pain on someone...WE ARE NOT FOR YOU." We do not teach martial arts or MMA. We teach real self-defense. We are experts in the field of establishing control in unsafe situations and environments."

SDI's Reality Based Self-Defense

Reality Based Self-Defense (RBSD) combines psychological and physical aspects for more efficient techniques and self awareness. Self awareness is a big part of self-defense. Being self aware includes having situational and environmental awareness. RBSD uses all these to allow you to protect yourself and others with less energy and a more effective results. You will be prepared to take control of any dangerous situation life throws your way with more confidence We don't have Gi's or pretty belts. We do not do Kata's nor do we do forms. We are a completely B.S. free. We teach techniques that are effective in today's potentially dangerous society. Reality Based techniques are created by using body mechanics, physics and anatomy. The trifecta of effectiveness.

In addition, you will also be psychologically prepared to react to these type of situations. (This is the most important part of any defense system)

You will have been empowered with effective techniques and have the confidence to use them. RBSD does not discriminate against age, height or weight. This works for anyone. You DO NOT have to hurt someone to keep safe control of a situation.

Self Defense Innovations Fitness

SDI Fitness Training

( Residential- in your own home)

SDI Fitness is a unique full body fitness training designed for ALL AGES. We created this training to fit beginners to advanced fitness types. The exercises are designed to give great results with basic moves. No matter if your young and agile or older and wiser, this is for you. Since this is at YOUR home we go at YOUR pace. All the exercises were designed to utilize the entire body all the time. This can be done in conjunction with any other work out routine you may be doing. This isn't an " in stead of program" but an " in addition too program" at he same time this is also a great program to do by itself. The exercises that are done are uniquely put together and/or designed by us, SDI. We designed the exercises from knowing body mechanics and how the body works and don't work.

We work from the inside out. So throw away your scales, they are useless here. First you will have more energy, feel better and your mood will be lifted. Then you will become stronger, less winded and able to do more. Next you will need to buy better fitting clothes . Those are the steps, however it doesn't happen overnight. But it WILL happen. 

If you are ready to take your health to the next level we are here for you. please feel free to look through our facebook pages and see some of our clients doing SDI fitness. Remember fitness is part of self-defense and should be treated as such. Woman Doing Push Ups