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Disclaimer: If you are looking for a ground and pound OR just want to inflict pain on someone...WE ARE NOT FOR YOU. We do not teach martial arts or mma. We teach real self-defense. We are experts in the field of establishing control in unsafe situations and environments."

We Specialize in Reality-Based Self-Defense Techniques And Safety Development                         

Our goal

is simple:



To build


To change



Society is forever changing.
We believe the way
you keep safe should too. 


We Create Protectors. Protector of oneself and others. We are a Mobile Self-Defense & Safety Development Company. We come to YOU.  

Our team brings knowledge, skills and a reality-based approach of safety and self-defense to you. We have a variety of workshops and trainings to fit your needs and concerns. Whether its a business that wants to enhance the safety of their employees or a family who wants to spend time together while learning how to stay safe. We got it.

Violence can occur to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and certainly doesn't discriminate. We pride ourselves on the ability to help build confidence while empowering individuals to take control of their lives. We understand self-defense is WAY more than physical.

Our philosophy is Martial Awareness. Martial Awareness is the physical, mental, and psychological aspects of Self-defense. Martial Awareness starts when you wake up in the morning and continues even after you go to bed at night.

Self-Defense Innovations, Inc.

We are a team of psychiatric and mental health professionals with extensive knowledge and experience creating and teaching safety. We have first-hand experience dealing with real life violence due to our years of working in this profession. We know what works and what doesn't. We have the skills and knowledge to take you physically, mentally, and psychologically to the next level of confidence and safety.

SDI was created from experiences, education and training along with simple life lessons that are taught by working in certain high-risk professions. We wanted to share all this with everyone in hopes that it may help them have a more comprehensive perspective of honest safety. Understand that everything must evolve to be relevant and safety is no exception. Once you open your mind to different ideas and different ways of doing things you become safer, wiser and more able to deal with life's little "tests" it gives you.
Now we are not suggesting you forget what you knew before but rather that you add a different aspect and perspective to it. You can never know too much but you can always know not enough. Our end goal is simple, to help people be and stay safe so they can enjoy life.

We greatly appreciate all of you who are positive and support what we do and why. We hope you all continue to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

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Mission Statement – Go beyond, and reinvent yourself.

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